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Client Testimonials

My entire family (including our Dog) have been longtime patients of Dr. Kiley. The kids always get so excited when we get to see Dr. Kiley- the only doctor I can say that about! Dr. Kiley is very patient when I bring my “zoo” and we all feel so much better when we leave! And let me tell you, the Laser is life changing!

- Julie M.

I took my dog Vivian Michelle (12.5 lb shih-tzu mix) to Dr. Kiley in August of 2019. Vivian had been diagnosed (via MRI) with traumatic injury to three of her vertebra in March of that year. Given her age (8.5 at the time), I did not feel surgery was a safe option. I chose alternative medicine. Coincidently, I had begun seeing a human chiropractor around April 2019. My treatment was so effective, I thought, Why not give it a try for Vivian? My chiropractor gave me Dr. Kiley’s contact information, sighting she was THE animal chiropractor in the four county area. Vivian had noticeable results on her very first visit. Dr. Kiley adjusted her right shoulder, and she immediately held her head differently, and her gait changed slightly. Since then, Viv has received treatment about once a month, on average. Dr. Kiley has also started giving Vivian laser treatment, and you can see the comfort Vivian feels in her eyes and posture. We weren’t able to visit Dr. Kiley over the summer. Vivian started experiencing bowel issues where she was unable to hold her bowel until she made it outside. After one treatment from Dr. Kiley, Vivian is able to hold her bowels until she is let outside. Dr. Kiley knew exactly what needed adjusted. Not only is Dr. Kiley extremely intelligent and experienced, she genuinely cares for her patients and keeps current with new treatment protocols. Dr. Kiley is also kind and personable, I really enjoy our visits. I am so thankful to have such an amazing resource so close to home. Thank you Dr. Kiley! :o)

- Carrie C.

Dr. Kiley of Topline Equine Chiropractic embodies the best hands on techniques and modalities to address each horse’s specific challenges. Her assessment of movement, encyclopedic knowledge of anatomy and her approach to treatments are always spot on. She adroitly addressed issues of immobility, subluxation, and pain my horse was experiencing that other practitioners could not perceive. The improvement I have seen since we started working with Dr. Kiley has been dramatic. My horse is stronger, straighter, better balanced, and has significantly improved mobility in all areas. He is holding his adjustments for longer and longer periods of time which is a good thing since we live 3 states away! I will gladly continue to make the 9 hour drive for her to treat my horse, as her adjustments are well worth every single mile it takes to get to her.

- Melinda B.